• With great pleasure SACEP is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of concrete products in
    the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • SACEP, Which was established in 1976 previously known as Saudi Austrian concrete elements plants, has been
    a manufacturer of quality concrete hard scape products for more than 35 decades, we produce about two
    millions square meters per year of interlocking paver, colored & plain concrete tiles, terrazzo & exposed
    aggregate tiles, curbstones, Hollow core Slabs, Double T (TT), Precast Load Bearing Walls and Cladding
    products using modern machines imported from Europe.
  • Since established, SACEP had satisfied its clients with quality and prompt service in the Kingdom and the G.C.C.
    Countries with a total of Three Factories in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam in addition to a new Factory being
    constructed in Riyadh covering a total of 160,000 M2 of Land to satisfy Clients needs in Quantities and
    Geographical wise.
  • It’s a matter of pride SACEP is considered for 35 years of presence in the region with steady growth by
    continuously adding new products at competitive rates.
  • As an ISO Certified company, SACEP adhere to strict quality control procedures and utilize the best quality raw
    materials, which are screened at various stages of production that meets ASTM Standards or any standard.
  • SACEP has it's disposal, a fleet of Trailers mounted with cranes to effect deliveries to our clients.
  • We utilizes the most recent state of art technologies and quality control procedures such as Design software
    packages for the preparation of GAD's (General Arrangement Drawings) and Shop Drawings and employs a
    team of Managers and Engineers of the highest quality armed with high level of education, experience and
    certifications which enable them to produce the best high quality services of Design Drawings (of all kinds) in the
    areas of pre cast elements for all the projects throughout the Kingdom. Together with the necessary quality
    control to produce the best masonry units in our two new production plants in Riyadh Jeddah & Dammam.
  • It's modern manufacturing facilities house four large automated lines of production employing special equipment
    designed specifically to produce high density concrete products. We offer a wide range of colors, styles, sizes,
    finishes and shapes that give you real choice, then we benchmark our products by our exacting internal
    standards…nearly 30 years worth… to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.
  • Once you have specified and used SACEP customized masonry units, you will see why we say that we have built
    our reputation block by block.
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