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Installation of pavers
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The most popular paver in the world is the Holland design.Below, some laying patterns:
Holland Pavers offer the old-world charm of a simple brick shape, combined with the
renowned durability of interlocking concrete paving stones. Simple in design, Holland
Pavers are capable of meeting the demands of both architects and engineers for a
beautiful, yet durable paving surface. Mutual offers the classic rectangular Holland
shape, along with a Half Holland and a Double Holland for increased design flexibility
What is Efflorescence ?
Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of alkaline salts. It is usually white and appears on
the surface of masonry (concrete, stucco, plaster, concrete blocks, etc.). It frequently
causes, what appears to be, white discolorations on colored paint films, blotchy spots
and/or streaks.
Effloresence study by Bayer
When white spots appear on the surface of coloured pavers – the unsightly
phenomenon of efflorescence – our enjoyment of a paved area is often spoilt. Close
behind follows the suspicion that a production error is to blame. However, this is usually
not the case.
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